Julia’s Films

The Fox and the Grapes

Julia’s take on the classic Greek fable


The Struggle of Duckling

An animation of  duckling struggling to survive

Who Killed Mr. Salt?

A parody of the TV show Blue’s Clues

Who Killed Mr. Salt? (audience reaction)

The audience’s reaction to the parody of Blue’s Clues which closed out Julia’s high school film festival in 2018

Frank and Joey Go And Get Lunch

A comedy about two friends going out for lunch

The Side You Don’t See

A mixed media project about mental health and questioning beliefs

A Bad Feeling

Julia’s first film on a DSLR camera made at Five Town’s College

Religious Trauma- What Happened and How It Is

A film depicting the mental health of someone recovering from traumatic experiences

Sachem Social Story

A social story to help kids with special needs learn how a library works