Julia’s Photography

The Photography of Julia DeCristofaro

Selected photographs taken by Julia from 2017 through today


This is a mushroom she found growing in a bin with some green beans.  She liked the way they stood out from everything around them. 


Julia found this sprout in a little sandbox. She thought that the sprout could symbolize the growth and development of the imagination in childhood.

Little Grass

 Julia likes to experiment with perspective.  Here, the camera is laid down on the ground as if a small mammal was peeping through the grass


This was not originally a plant marker, but a spoon.  Julia thought that putting a name to something makes it more interesting.


Julia found this harp in the mud after it rained. She thought it looked very unique with the mud surrounding it.

Tiny Glasses

Julia loves looking for small things to take pictures of.  One day, she came across a hair scrunchie with some glasses attached to it.  She thought they were cute and interesting.


Julia has a love for symmetry.   This is shown here in a picture of a cafe in a library, with bookshelves on each side.


Julia took this photograph of a bud on a flower.  She believes that the blooming of a flower means it has reached its final stages of development.


It may not be the right thing to carve something into a tree, but Julia thinks it leaves a beautiful reminder that anyone can make a small impact to make something big and beautiful.


Julia likes chickens because of their shapes, sounds, colors, and movement.  This captures the curiosity someone looking at them through the wires.


This is a device that moves fresh water into brackish water on a river.  Julia thinks it’s amazing how so much water can go through such a small opening.

Big Rock

There are many sides to a boulder, and this one has a piece that looks like it has crystals coming off of it, making it look like a cavern.

Fairy Garden

This is one of Julia’s favorite spots.  It’s quiet, and when it’s windy, the place is full of the sound of CDs and hanging things hitting against each other.  It’s really beautiful there.


Julia thought this boulder has little piles of dust on top of it, when really it was sand.


Sunny Susans

Throughout her life, Julia thought black-eyed susans were just mini sunflowers.  They may not be, but they certainly shine like the sun itself.